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Sevda Albers
AI Creative & Photographer

Sevda Albers is a multidisciplinary creative director and photographer with a focus on AI technology. Her portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from ai imagery to photography. She has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating innovative and engaging visuals.

As an ai creative, Sevda Albers believes in the power of storytelling and using design to evoke emotion and make a lasting impact.

Her approach is collaborative and tailored to each client's unique needs and goals.


She works closely with her clients to ensure that every project is executed with excellence and attention to detail.

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Sevda Albers

AI Creative & Photographer

Sevda is an AI creative with over 25 years of experience in visual communication. Her journey began right after school when she joined the first online streaming platform as a coder. Back then, she witnessed the birth of the internet and its evolution into what we know today, even before having a 28.8 modem at home.

Throughout her career, she has honed her skills and expertise while working for renowned agencies such as Fork Unstable Media, DDB, and BBDO. However, her heart was always drawn to the realms of music, art, and fashion. Driven by her passion, she embarked on a new path as an art and creative director, collaborating with prestigious clients like H&M, New Yorker, and Zalando.

In addition to her directorial work, Sevda also explored her talents behind the camera, becoming an accomplished photographer. Her lens captured captivating visuals for clients such as Nylon Magazine, Matchesfashion, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters. Through her photography, she aimed to create compelling imagery that resonated with diverse audiences.

Her dedication to inclusive campaigns stems from her upbringing in a Turkish extended family. This cultural background instilled in her a deep appreciation for diversity and the importance of representation. She firmly believes in the power of creativity to bridge gaps, break stereotypes, and foster connection among individuals from different walks of life.

With her wealth of experience, she continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in the realm of creative AI. Her innovative approach and passion for inclusivity make her a sought-after collaborator for brands and clients looking to make a meaningful impact through their campaigns.

Welcome to Sevda's world, where art, technology, and inclusivity converge to create unforgettable experiences that inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide.

Keynote speaker at Photopia Hamburg 2023.

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